Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Over - SI's Peter King Picks The Pats

From Matt Vensel's Blog:
In this week's January 10th issue of Sports Illustrated, NFL senior writer Peter King predicts every game in this year's playoffs. Lucky for you, the magazine has given me a sneak peek at his bracket, which I will gladly reveal to you. You might not like what King foresees, though, so brace yourselves. King predicts that the Patriots will beat the Packers, 30-24, in Super Bowl XLV after the Patriots beat the Steelers in the AFC championship game and the Packers knock off the Bears on the NFC side of the bracket...

Welcome aboard the bandwagon, Mr. King!  One thing is clear this time, though.  The Pats will have a tough time playing the "no respect" card on their way to the JonesDome.  Doesn't matter.  Fourth ring for Brady and Belichick.  Bang.  Pay the fuck attention!

P.S.  King's wrong about the Packers - I got the Falcons winning the NFC.