Monday, January 31, 2011

No Joints In The Joint

Man Checks Into Jail With Joints Sewn In Underwear, Police Say
JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. -- Police said a man checking into jail had 15 marijuana cigarettes sewn into his boxers. According to WLKY's news partner the News and Tribune, Dontas Marshall, 41, was sentenced Jan. 5 to 15 years in prison for possession of cocaine. Marshall, who was out of jail on bond, turned himself in to authorities at his sentencing hearing and was booked in to the Clark County Jail. According to police reports, a corrections officer noticed Marshall smelled of marijuana. Jail personnel found nothing in a pat-down search but said that Marshall was clenching his buttocks. Officers then prepared to strip-search Marshall, who then admitted he had a joint in his boxers, police said. Officers cut open the boxers and found 15 joints, according to police reports. Police said, because of the amount, Marshall will face criminal charges.

Nice try, Sparky.  You probably would've been a rich man inside the Big House if you were able to pull it off.  But alas, now it looks like you'll have something else in you underwear....