Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Politician Catches His Killer On Camera


An alleged assassin aims a gun at Reynaldo Dagsa, who was taking a picture of his family
A Filipino man solved his own murder when he inadvertently caught his killer on camera while taking a family snap just moments before he was shot. Reynaldo Dagsa, a local councilman in Manila, took a picture of his family celebrating the New Year, not noticing that behind his wife and daughter a man was taking aim at him with a gun. Seconds later Mr Dagsa was shot in the chest and died on his way to hospital, confirmed local police chief Jude Santos.His family discovered the clue in the photo and handed it over to police and national newspaper the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which ran the image on its front page.

The picture clearly shows the killer standing behind the family, aiming his gun at Mr Dagsa, while another man acts as "lookout". Mr Santos said: "While he was taking the picture of his family on New Year's Day, the killer appeared and he inadvertently took the picture of the killer with the gun aimed at him." The gunman was identified as Michael Gonzales, a suspected car thief who was out on bail and seeking revenge on Mr Dagsa for ordering his arrest last year.
An alleged assassin aims a gun at Reynaldo Dagsa, who was taking a picture of his family
Gonzales was arrested for the murder on Monday, although the photographed accomplice, identified as Rommel Oliva, has still not been caught. Police are also searching for a second lookout, named as Francis Bumjal, who is thought to have been stood just out of shot. Mr Dagsa, described by his family as a kindhearted man, was a member of the Barangay Peacekeping Action Team, which helps the police with crime prevention. It is thought that it was his role within the team that led to his death.