Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yup, It's Florida Again

Deputies: Man broke into Estero club house, stripped nude and stole sausage

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is trying to identify a man who broke into the Mariner’s Cove club house in Estero, stripped nude and stole $15 in sausage. Joseph Brown told investigators he brought the sausage to the club house for an upcoming bingo night and noticed Friday the sausage had been stolen from the refrigerator, according to a sheriff’s office report. Brown then reviewed the club house’s surveillance video and saw an unknown white male enter through an unlocked rear sliding glass door and go through several drawers and the refrigerator. At one point, the man was also seen walking around the club house in the nude, possibly after showering in a wash area behind the kitchen, according to the report. A first aid kit and some paper napkins were also taken.

Hey, everybody loves a tasty Jimmy Dean, but what's up with the first aid kit and the napkins? Is this dude trying to make some Lady Gaga type of bro-suit?  Rage on, fancy pants....