Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yup, It's Florida

Fla. Man Claims "Rough Sex" Killed Girlfriend

Fla. Man Claims "Rough Sex" Killed Girlfriend, Say Police
FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS/WFOR) Investigators in Florida say a man kept his girlfriend's body in his bed for two days while he tried to figure out how to dispose of it and later told police she had died during a night of rough sex, according to a report. Doris Lopez's body was found inside a car parked at a Delray Beach parking lot on October 26th. Three months after that discovery, police arrested 40-year-old David Muringer and have charged him with manslaughter in her death. According to CBS affiliate WFOR, Muringer allegedly told authorities he had been casually dating 48-year-old Lopez, who lived in West Palm Beach. He told investigators he choked Lopez during sex, but said her death was accidental. He said she lost consciousness once before and she had awakened moments later. However, on the night she died, he got angry when she lost consciousness and reportedly threw her off the bed, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Police say he left the apartment and when he returned he found her lying on the floor dead. According to a police report, Muringer waited two days before allegedly stuffing her body in a plastic bag then pushing it into a barrel. "He told us he sealed the barrel with duct tape, rolled the barrel out of his apartment and placed the barrel into the back seat of the victim's car," Delray Beach police Detective Jason Jabcuga wrote in the arrest report. WFOR reports that Muringer became a suspect in the case after a cell phone receipt was found in the car with his name on it. On top of manslaughter, Muringer has also been charged with unlawful disposal of human remains. He is being held without bond.