Thursday, February 24, 2011

After 75 Arrests, I Guess It's Finally Time To Put This Guy Away For Awhile

maurice taylor.jpg - Officials said a Newark man has been sentenced to 15 years for a $180 Kearny pharmacy robbery that led to his 75th arrest, as reported by The Jersey Journal. Eric Warren, 43, was convicted of the Jan. 20, 2010 robbery of the Rite-Aid Pharmacy on Kearny Avenue, during which he shoved $180 worth of deodorant down his pants, officials said. He has been committing theft-related crimes since 1988, officials said.

This guy is just asking to be put away. After being arrested 74 times it has to be impossible to get a job on the outside. So what do you do? You walk into Rite-Aid and start shoving deodorant down your pants until you get arrested. Relax, Eric, now you're gonna get three meals a day and know where you'll be living for the next fifteen years. Well done my friend - mission accomplished!