Monday, February 21, 2011

Gary Tanguay Is The Worst Sportscaster In Boston

Bahtendah Wisdom - Pay Attention!

Is there any doubt?  I mean, any?  Has any TV/radio personality in Boston ever been on the air so much and had so little to say?  Look up "empty suit" in the dictionary and - you got it - it's Tanguay's picture.  He's the Ron Burgundy of Boston sports.  Good voice - absolutely nothing else.  The quintissential talking head.  I keep waiting with baited breath for him to say "Stay classy, Boston."  When he does, it'll be the most entertaining thing he's ever said.  Plus, the guy's all over the place.  Patriots on the radio, Comcast with the Celtics, features on, and New England Sports Tonight.  How on earth does he keep these jobs?  Does he have nasty pictures of executives all over Boston?  No insight, no controversy, nothing ground-breaking, nothing interesting, total airhead.  Ever heard him fill in and do play-by-play for the Celtics?  Pathetic.  No unique style, no catch phrase, no enthusiasm, no talent, no feel for the game, no understanding of the players or the situation.  But somehow this guy gets more airtime than Seinfeld reruns.  I don't get it.  We're the best sports town in America with the smartest, most passionate fans in the nation and this is what we get?  Gary Freakin' Tanguay?  Amateur hour.  Bang.  Pay attention!