Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hillary Clinton Should Have Worked At Hooters

Tenn. GOP lawmaker credits Hooters for success

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A freshman Tennessee legislator credits her success in politics and business to the time she spent working at a restaurant chain known for buxom waitresses in tank tops and short shorts. Republican state Rep. Julia Hurley, 29, won her November election by knocking off the Democratic incumbent in a conservative district west of Knoxville, but she says it was while working as a "Hooter's Girl" that she began honing her business sense and networking skills. Hurley writes about it in the latest issue of the restaurant chain's Hooters magazine, and says opponents tried but failed to make her past employment and photos from her modeling career a campaign issue. "I have taken quite a bit of flack from the public at large during my run for State House in Tennessee for being a Hooters Girl," she said. "But I know that without that time in my life I would not be as strong-willed and eager to become successful..."

I'm trying to stay abreast of this issue and have been racking my brain to decide if she's milking her position or just sucking in all her success.  The boobs in Tennessee seem to be ticked off about it but to me it's just a hoot(ers).  You get the idea....