Friday, February 25, 2011

Man Caught Holding Pink Panties Sentenced In Break-in

SAGINAW, Mich. - A man who authorities say broke into a Saginaw-area woman's home and was caught naked from the waist down holding a pair of pink panties has been sentenced to a year in jail. Saginaw County Circuit Judge Darnell Jackson this week sentenced 35-year-old Jayson K. Berde for second-degree home invasion and resisting and obstructing a police officer causing injury. Berde earlier pleaded guilty in the case. In exchange, an initial charge of first-degree home invasion was dropped. Authorities say he broke into a woman's home March 17 in Saginaw County's Thomas Township, and apparently knew her through an ex-boyfriend. Police caught him nearby, and an officer suffered minor abrasions trying to apprehend him.

Is this the definition of Karma, or what? You see, after Jayson here meets his new boyfriend in the greybar hotel, he'll be able to spend the next year doing exactly what he was arrested for. Imagine, a whole year of standing naked from the waist down (or maybe bending over), holding a pair of pink panties. Enjoy the vacation. Bang. Pay attention!