Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man's Best Friend? Dog Gets Owner Busted For Pot

BEND, OR - The Sherman County Sheriff's Office said a man was arrested last Wednesday, after the driver's dog reveled hidden drugs. Reports said a sheriff's deputy pulled over the pickup truck, and as he approached the vehicle, saw something fly out the window. That turned out to be a sock stuffed with marijuana and hashish. The driver said he was trying to hide the sock after being pulled over, but his pit-bull mix grabbed it and would not let go. After a brief struggle, the dog won, and the sock flew out the window. The 32-year-old driver was arrested on drug possession charges.

Wow, you know you're having a bad day when Fido gets you busted for weed. Your dog turns on you and on top of that you lose your stash, too. It's a gloomy day in Oregon, my friends.