Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers Win Super Bowl XLV

The Pack Is Back!
Aaron Rodgers stepped up into the conversation as one of the best QB's in the NFL and Ben Rothlisberger took a giant step backward.  Although I picked the Steelers to win, I couldn't be more happy with the outcome.  Now we can finally stop all the Brady-Rothlisberger comparisons because Big Ben played like crap in this game.  He threw two picks and had a shot to drive the team down the field for the win at the end of the game.  Didn't happen.  Fail!

Now, as far as Aaron Rodgers is concerned, I was totally impressed.  If it weren't for all the dropped passes (especially Jordy Nelson), he would have thrown for over 400 yards.  His accuracy and decision making was impeccable throughout the entire game.  Keep your eye on the Packers.  They're a young team (2nd youngest in the NFL) with what appears to be a developing star in the league at quarterback.  The title returns to Titletown and the Lombardi trophy goes home.  Well done, Cheeseheads!  Great NFL season, see ya next year!  (As long as there is a next year)....