Monday, February 21, 2011

Red Sox Shortstop Controversy - Marco Scutaro Or Jed Lowrie?

Not much to talk about at Red Sox spring training this year.  Kind of "camp tranquility" so far.  But one issue I think might have some legs as we move into the season is who should be the everyday shortstop.  Marco Scutaro had a sub-par year last year and battled injuries throughout a good stretch of the season.  Ditto for Jed Lowrie who was sidelined with mono early on, but finished the year like gangbusters.

Terry Francona has tried to nip any of this talk in the bud by saying that Scutaro is his guy.  He seems to have a great deal of loyalty to Scutaro based on how he sucked it up and played through a variety of ailments all season.  And if there's on thing we know about Tito, it's that he's as loyal as the day is long.  He sticks with players.

After missing the first three months of the season, Lowrie, a switch-hitter ended up hitting .287 with an OPS over .900.  Scutaro hit .275 with an OPS of .721.  He had 11 home runs in 632 AB's.  Lowrie had 9 home runs in only 171 AB's, so he obviously appears to be a more productive offensive player when healthy.  I'd say their work in the field is pretty much a wash.  For now, Scutaro is your starting shortstop, but if he gets off to a slow start be ready for the hue and cry from Red Sox Nation calling for Lowrie.  You read it here first.  Pay attention!