Monday, February 14, 2011

Unanimous Inductee To The Bitch Hall Of Fame

Veronica Paz Gets 15 Years to Life for Using Sex to Lure Ex-Boyfriend to His Death by New Boyfriend
OCWeekly - What 17-year-old boy would turn down a promise of hot sex at a quiet hilltop construction site? El Modena High School wrestler Diego Gonzalez's ex-girlfriend had a new boyfriend, but 20-year-old Veronica Paz was still seeing Gonzalez on the side. They drove to an unincorporated residential area near Orange for some nooky under the early-morning stars on Nov. 10, 2003. What Gonzalez did not know was Paz's current boyfriend, Brandan Dante Perry, then 19, was there waiting for them, not to participate in a three-way, but to put two bullets in Gonzalez's head. Perry, who hailed from Garden Grove and is now 27, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder with a sentencing enhancement for lying in wait. He was sentenced in September 2006 to 25 years to life in state prison. A month prior, a jury convicted Paz of first-degree murder but did not add the lying-in-wait enhancement. She received the same sentence as her murdering boyfriend in December 2006. But the Fourth District Court of Appeals later overturned the conviction, saying Orange County Superior Court Judge James Stotler had made an error in jury instructions...She also participated in the attempt to destroy Gonzalez's body by setting it on fire with diesel fuel--twice! Paz and Perry together convinced two friends to help them develop an alibi. Albert Thomas Medina and Kimberly Rita Gomez, both 28, pleaded guilty in 2004 to being accessories. They each were sentenced to three years probation...

If you read the story, here's what I don't get:  What's the motive?  Are you just the most evil bitch in history?  It says Veronica is bangin' this kid on the side even though she has a new boyfriend.  Then why do you need to bust a couple of caps in his head?  Pure Black Widow.  Any 17 year-old kid is obviously gonna show up wherever you tell him to to get a little nooky.  That's a given.  But why knock him off?  Hey Veronica, ever hear of a "Dear John" letter?  How 'bout just sending a text that says "I'm benchin' you, you're off the squad?" Instead you get Diego all jacked up thinkin' he's about to hit paydirt and you have your new BFF Brandon just lying in wait to snuff him out?  Rot in hell, bitch.  Hall of Fame.  Bang.  Pay attention!

P.S. - One more thing:  All this shit took place 7 years ago, so this bitch already has 7 years of time to her credit and only has 18 more to go which will probably end up being reduced.  Are you friggin' kiddin' me?  I think we gotta start bringin' back a little frontier justice.  Lock her up and lose the key.  Bye-bye, Senorita Paz.  The only thing she should be allowed to bang for the rest of her life is butchy fellow inmates (which by the way will be captured on closed-circuit prison cameras - I'm just sayin').  Period.  End of story.