Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Couple Charged With Robbing Kid's Lemonade Stand Set Up To Raise Money For Charity

2nd adult arrested in lemonade stand robbery

WARNER ROBINS, GA - Two-year-old Logan Varnadoe has already had more surgeries in his young life than many of us ever will. Born with just a third of his brain, he has cortical blindness, deafness and has had multiple surgeries for hernias and gastro-intestinal problems. Any day now, he will be airlifted from The Children's Hospital in Macon to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for treatment that isn't available anywhere in Georgia. On Saturday, his 13-year cousin Chelsea Edwards and two of her friends were selling lemonade, raising money for Logan's mound of medical bills and upcoming trip, when they were robbed by two adults. Houston County Sheriff's Lt. John Holland said a man and woman ran up to the girls' lemonade stand on Smithville Church Road and snatched a jar containing about $130. Holland said 20-year-old Gage Turner of Warner Robins took off in a car, leaving Amber Umbarger behind. The 21-year-old Warner Robins woman was arrested on three counts of robbery by sudden snatching. Warner Robins Police spokeswoman Tabitha Pugh said Turner was arrested on the same charges at about 3 a.m. Tuesday, after someone reported seeing a suspicious young man walking down North 5th Street, knocking on people's doors. A neighbor said he recognized the man from the news and led officers to a vacant apartment nearby, where Turner was found in a back bedroom, according to Pugh. "I still can't get over it," said Logan and Chelsea's grandmother Judy Bailey. She said one of the suspects scratched Chelsea's leg during the robbery, but that wasn't what hurt the most. "My grandaughter was lying on the ground crying, devastated. She's been really having a hard time at night, the last two nights. I said 'It's going to be okay. We're going to get there. One way or another we're going to get to Cincinnati, all of us. Don't you worry'." The sheriff's office was so moved by the girls' efforts and Logan's condition that they've been collecting money amongst themselves to give to the family. Donations can also be made through Logan's page on

How bad of a tweeker do you need to be to rob a lemonade stand? These two must need meth so bad that their teeth are fallin' out. And now the shit is really gonna hit the fan. They are about to be the most hated criminals in the state of Georgia since there was a state of Georgia. It wouldn't surprise me if they were lynched, beheaded and had their skulls stuck on display on posts in the middle of the town square. Gage and Amber are about to enter a shitstorm of epic proportions.  Talk about life givin' ya lemons....