Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here's Your Chance To Look Directly Into The Eyes Of A Stone Cold Pervert

Man Accused by Bradford County Sheriff's Office of Filming Naked Tanning Customers in Starke Tanning Salon

FIRST COAST NEWS - Police said possibly hundreds of women may have been victimized by a Starke man arrested for filming unknowing customers who came to tan naked in his tanning salon. Doyce Dean Griffis, 47, of Starke, is being held at the Bradford County Jail without bond on charges of making, printing or publishing computer pornography and voyeurism. Two women notified the Bradford County Sheriff's Office Tuesday about a private sun tanning business videotaping customers without their knowledge, the agency said in a statement. According to BCSO, some of the victims may have been as young as 13, and that it likely will take months to complete the probe. The woman who noticed the camera and reported Griffis said she "felt molested." Griffis said Wednesday from jail that he felt he had done nothing wrong because he kept the tapes private. He also said since the women were "beautiful," he did not know why they would mind being taped. The tanning business, operating since 2000, was in a barn at the suspect's home in the 2200 block of Southeast 128th Street in Starke. According to a statement from BCSO, the suspect confessed to filming customers who undressed before tanning. A two-way mirror, laptop computer, four containers of VHS tapes, 30 8 mm cassettes, 41 DVDs and two memory cards were seized as evidence. Detectives are trying to determine who the people are in the tapes.

Everybody's got an excuse. I'm so sick of every fucking person alive makin' excuses for everything they do that I'm gonna puke for a day and a half. Just once I'd like to see some dude like this sit there and say "Hey, I wanted to see naked chicks. I'm kinda ugly so I don't get many chances. The tanning bed was a chance for me to see shit that I would have no shot at otherwise. Sucks that I got caught, but I had a few good years." Wouldn't that be refreshing? It might even restore your faith in humanity. Problem is, it ain't happening any time soon.  Fuck off, Doyce.  Hope you enjoy gettin' your salad tossed.