Thursday, April 14, 2011

Patriots Have Washington QB Jake Locker In For 2-Day Visit

Is this the year the Patriot's draft and begin to groom Tom Brady's replacement? If so, I think it's a genius move. The Pats have 2 first round draft choices this year and there's probably gonna be a rookie salary cap once the lockout is settled. This is a chance to think long-term without breaking the bank and set up for a future QB who will have a few years to learn as an understudy to the best in the game. It's the kind of move that could have the Patriots maintain their level of excellence for years to come. With all the draft picks New England has this year they can afford to make a move for the long haul. The Hooded Genius strikes again!

PS - Gruden's the best. Busts the kid's balls in the beginning and then builds him up at the end. And by the way, the pass Locker throws towards the end of the video looks like it goes about 65 - 70 yards in the air. Might look pretty good in a Pats uniform.