Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Women Go Shopping In Bras And Panties

Katie Ford, 22 (l.) and Lauren Johnson, 18, both from Romford at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock, Essex,.

Women invade England's Lakeside Shopping Center in nothing but bras, panties and high heels

DAILY NEWS - Here's one way to get people to go shopping - offer women money if they show up at a mall in sexy underwear. That's exactly what happened at Lakeside Shopping Center in Essex, England, on Sunday. The first 100 women to arrive in nothing but bras, panties and high heels were given £100 ($163) gift vouchers, which were good in many of the mall's stores. It is unclear how many turned out, but several young women were onhand to engage in some revealing shopping. "We loved seeing all our luscious ladies looking gorgeous in their underwear and heels," said Kylie Minor, a spokeswoman for the shopping center. "I'm sure they all enjoyed choosing an outfit from our wide range of new spring fashion in the stores afterward." The promotional gimmick was engineered to promote the new spring fashions available at the mall. Having shoppers come out in their undergarments is not unique to England. Desigual, a SoHo clothing store in Manhattan, used a similar gimmick last year. It attracted hundreds of underwear-clad shoppers with the promise that the first 100 would be given a free outfit.

Let me get this straight. All it takes is $163 for hot chicks to show up in bras and panties? As soon as the ads kick in on this blog I'm gonna have to swat the babes away with a broom! C'mon people, click on some of our sponsors and help out a horny Bahtendah in need. Let's go! Pay attention!