Friday, May 27, 2011

Mexican Cops Suspended For Forcing Young Woman To Strip For Her Freedom

MEXICO - A group of leering police officers allegedly forced a young woman they had detained to strip in front of them - in exchange for her release. Now all 15 of them - including three women - have been suspended after an explicit video emerged showing at least one uniformed officer groping the woman as she performs a lap dance while the others cheer and chant. The woman had been arrested along with a male friend for allegedly possessing stolen bank cards and cheques in the Mexican border city of Tijuana...

Sometimes I wish I was a chick.  I'd never get into any trouble.  It's like "All I need to do to get out of jail is strip, dance and let you fondle my boobs? Let's get it on!"  This chick didn't seem too bothered by the whole experience.  And from what I know about the cops in Mexico she probably got off easy.  She's lucky they weren't in the mood for the donkey show.