Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daniel Sedin Guarantees The Vancouver Canucks Will Win Game 7

Daniel Sedin: We'll win Game 7

ESPN - Less than an hour after his team missed a chance to clinch the Stanley Cup in a blowout loss, Daniel Sedin was still confident enough to guarantee his Vancouver Canucks will beat the Boston Bruins in Game 7 on Wednesday night. "We're going to win Game 7," Sedin told the Vancouver Sun. "We're 3-3 and we won all three games at home and we have the fourth game at home," he said of the series, according to the report. "So we have the seventh game at home and we'll take that. We are confident." Sedin's prediction came as he was discussing a first period in which everything went right for the Bruins and nothing went right for the Canucks. Vancouver coughed up four goals in the first nine minutes and pulled starting goalie Roberto Luongo, who struggled mightily in all three games in Boston. "Like I said, it happened and we have to deal with that as a team," Sedin said, according to the report. "It's enough with the blaming and all that. We lose as a team and win as a team and we're going to win Game 7." His guarantee also came after a late-game run-in with the Bruins' Brad Marchand, who landed six unanswered punches on Sedin during a scrum -- another chippy moment in a series that has been chock full of them. Sedin didn't return any punches at Marchand...

Thanks for the bulletin board material.  I'm not sure if Daniel is Thelma or Louise but either way he hasn't learned his lesson yet.  Luongo popped off before Game 6 and got his ass kicked.  Now this idiot guarantees a win?  This is the same guy that just stood there like a fairy as Marchand treated his face like a speed bag.  Stupid, especially after bein' a no-show for the entire series.