Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Female Teacher's Aide Charged With Sex Assault On Middle School Boy

April Patzkowsky_20110606155140_JPG

WOODTV - A 32-year-old teacher's aide is accused of sexually assaulting a middle-school student from the same district where she worked in Calhoun County. U.S. marshals on June 3 arrested April Patzkowsky in Brownsville, Texas, where she had been living with relatives for the past eight months. She was arrested on an outstanding warrant for four sexual assault charges, and is now awaiting extradition procedures. The male student attends W.K. Kellogg Middle School -- the same building where 32-year-old Patzkowsky worked as a bilingual aid, according to her husband, Mike Patzkowsky. April was employed at the school for about five years to help students with their English skills. Emmett Township Public Safety began the investigation after receiving a complaint report. Police said the abuse occurred off school grounds, and Mike Patzkowsky told 24 Hour News 8 that it happened last summer. April was placed on administrative leave shortly after the investigation began last September, Mike said. April was aware of the situation and kept police informed of her whereabouts, Mike added. She faces life in prison, if convicted...

Life in prison?  For makin' some little horndog's dream come true?  Call me sexist, but these female-teacher-sex-with-boys stories always seem a little less harmful than when the man is the pedophile.  I'm bettin' the dude could have said no and that would've been the end of it.  Fact is, he'll probably jerk off for the rest of his life while re-living the experience.  Some parent probably caught wind of junior braggin' about the whole thing and turned her ass in.  April just taught one of her students to be a cunning linguist.  Life in prison?  Are you kiddin' me?