Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Game Of Thrones" Star Sean Bean Stabbed For Defending His Playboy Playmate Girlfriend April Summers

April Summers (Pic:

MIRROR UK - This is the topless model that actor Sean Bean defended in a bar brawl which resulted in the star getting stabbed. Bean, 52, was smoking with friend April Summers, 23, outside a pub when a fellow drinker made a sexist remark about the lads’ mag favourite. The Game of Thrones star challenged the man and was stabbed, possibly with a broken bottle, and punched in the face. Italian model April is a favourite with the readers of Zoo and also presented two infomercials for Sky TV to advertise a dating network. In 2010, April was crowned a Playmate for Playboy magazine and she appeared in a 12-page spread, including the centrefold, in the gold issue of Playboy France. Three months later she was named Playboy Playmate for the first ever limited edition of Playboy Italy. In 2011, she was the first "Next Top Model" discovery named by Nuts magazine and was also voted second in a poll for Zoo magazine as the top model to look for this year. In an interview with Hidden Treasure magazine April spoke about how it was difficult to find a boyfriend because men were often intimidated by her. She said: "It’s difficult to strike up a romance-friendship when they are [so] shy.” Well she can be my friend any day. The sexier the better. And if we became close friends and had a disagreement no gift is necessary for forgiveness. “Honesty would be the best gift as it shows you care and regret what you had done.” Hardman Bean carried on drinking after the attack, after bar staff treated the nasty gash. April, whose real name is Nadia Foster, was unhurt...

Well this guy was killed off the series last Sunday night but it looks like the battle rages on.  Take a look at this dime - I'd take a little gash in the face to protect that gash.  Sheesh - smokin' hot and about 30 years younger?  Nice work Mr. Bean, nice work.

Here's her YouTube promo video: