Monday, July 11, 2011

Ice-T Loves Coco - I Love Coco's Ass - But Not As Much As This Dude Who Has Coco Tattooed On His Leg

Coco's photo Happy Thong Thursday!I always stretch my body before posing,cuz I can get in some odd,extreme positions.The Coco way.U know how I do!

This chick "@krisluvjon"  posted a photo of her ex-boyfriend's tattoo of Coco on Twitter.
This is me!!!:) on Twitpic

This is how much my ex boyfriend loves you @cocosworld on Twitpic

Might be the stupidest tattoo I've ever seen.  Who gets a tattoo of a naked celebrity down their entire leg?  Freakboy here, that's who.  Do you shave your leg to make sure Coco doesn't get covered up?  Do you rub one out while you're staring at your leg?  Do you try to blast your load on Coco's face?  So many questions, so little time.  Here's a little Bahtendah wisdom for ya - Get that mess removed immediately (or wear pants for the rest of your life)!  Pay attention!