Friday, July 22, 2011

One More Reason Why Dogs Rule - Sperm Sniffing Dog Helps Capture Rape Suspect

Sperm Sniffing Dog Helps Nab Rape Suspect

SWEDEN - Prosecutors are crediting a sperm-sniffing police dog with helping build the case against a 23-year-old rape suspect. The sperm-sniffing dog, reported to the only one in southern Sweden, is named Rapports Opus. The suspect is charged with forcing a woman to perform oral sex in a park in Karlskrona, according to Sydöstran, a regional newspaper. The dog found traces of semen at the scene of the crime. They were sent to a lab for analysis and were found to match the 23-year-old suspect’s DNA. Rapports Opus underwent a year’s training to become a certified sperm-sniffing dog, graduating from the dog academy last year, according to The Local, an English language publication in Sweden. “He’s the only dog in southern Sweden specialised in tracking sperm,” said B.G. Carlsson, the police officer who trained the dog. Carlsson will be testifying in the trial against the 23-year-old. The case is the first in which evidence found by Rapports Opus will be used in court.

Will the canine heroics never end?  What's next, dogs that can fly drones and take out terrorists?  Rapports Opus is a modern-day hero for sure.  I'm just wondering about the methods involved in his year-long training. That's a lot of sperm....