Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Would You Name A Vagina-Tightening Machine?

Victoria G. Belo, MD

Victoria G. Belo, MD

@vicki_belo Philippines
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So I guess Dr. Belo is a dermatologist and judging by her tweet I'm guessing she does a fair amount of work on the ol' punany.  So what are the suggestions?  Mine is "The Cock Crusher."  Simple, straight to the point.  Or maybe "ViceLips"....

PS - Okay, I can't resist.  "Tightwat."  "Pusspuller."  "Cuntrap."  "Vagripper."  "Snatchit."  And last but not least, "Richard Holder" (think about it).  Bang.  Done.  Pay attention!