Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tom Brady Will Make Antonio Cromartie His Bitch

See, this is like a classic role reversal. Cromartie has bitches all over the country, so he thinks he can have another in New England. Here's a piece of theWikipedia entry for Cromartie:

Cromartie has fathered nine children with eight women living in six states, and has been named in at least five paternity suits in the past two years. According to court records, Cromartie failed to appear in court on two separate occasions in reference to moving violations and his driver license status. In March of 2010, the Jets provided Cromartie with a $500,000 advance so Cromartie could pay outstanding child support payments.

I guess Antonio has a real penchant for hittin' "wide receivers." But here's the problem:  QB12 does not lose at home.  QB12 embarasses people who call him out (anyone remember Freddie Mitchell?).  And Mr. Cromartie has been burnt by Brady before.  He beat him this year on passes to Welker and Branch and it was no different when Cromartie played for San Diego.  This could be a rout.  The kind of game that will teach the likes of Cromartie and Sexy Rexy to Shut..The..Fuck..Up.  Pats by 17.  Bang.  Pay the fuck attention!