Monday, January 31, 2011

We Will Not Sell This Swill Here At The Speakeasy. Outrage!

Okay, so Walgreen's has started selling beer for 50 cents a can.  However, reports I've read are saying that it smells like skunk piss and gives people a headache.  Kind of reminds me of Haffenreffer, or the "Green Death" back in the day.  If all you want is a cheap buzz, knock yourself out.  But for my money, spend a couple bucks more and enjoy the journey.  Just one man's opinion.  Pay attention!

While we're on the subject, anyone remember this Beauty?

Doesn't even look good in the picture, does it?  Honest admission, though - got me through more than a few college frat parties. Allright, as long as we're having a truth-fest, here are a couple of other beverages that made exam week tolerable:

So yes, the Bahtendah used to have a degenerate side.  But hey, it wasn't a matter of choice, it was a matter of the economic situation.  When all ya got is 15 bucks for gas, food and booze, you do what you gotta do.  Still, no rot-gut here at the Speakeasy.  I've learned my lesson.  Bang.  Pay attention!