Thursday, February 10, 2011

All Hail The King! Ray Allen Sets The All-Time NBA 3-Point Record

Has a classier dude ever held a record? Walter Ray Allen.  Sugar Ray. Ray-Ray. You got it done, brah. And by the way, this is a mark that's gonna take a long time to break. To start with, Ray's still got a few years left. Secondly, he's been remarkably healthy throughout his 16-year career. Third, he's a flat-out freak. The dude starts shootin' about five hours before every game. Just jacks 'em up like Forrest Gump without his medication.  He's got a serious case of shooter's OCD.   I bet he washes his hands like a thousand times a day.  I saw a video where Ray talked about running through the streets of Newton and Wellesley during the off-season for like 10 miles, then he goes home and cranks the treadmill to 10 and runs sprints until he's ready to puke.   Freakazoid.  Dedication. Discipline. Drive. Passion. And a heart the size of Secretariat's. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Bang. Pay attention!

P.S. - The Celts lost the game, but I really don't give a flyin' fuck.  We put a MASH unit out there and ran with 'em pretty well.  Gimme Shaq, D-West, a healthy Nate (who left the game in the first half), Marquis Daniels to defend Kobe for a stretch and I'll take this matchup all day, every day.  Banner 18!!!

P.P.S. - Hey Ray, your Mom's a MILF!