Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Best Party In America Since The Whigs

‘Tequila Party’ candidate to enter race for Las Vegas mayor
George Harris -- restaurateur, spirit producer and founder of Nevada's "Tequila Party" -- confirmed this evening he will run to replace Oscar Goodman as mayor of Las Vegas. Harris said he plans to file his candidate paperwork in the next day or two. The deadline is Friday. "The first Tequila Party candidate in America will be running for mayor of Las Vegas," Harris told the Sun. Harris, a former Republican organizer, was criticized late last year after he registered the name "Tequila Party of Nevada" with the secretary of state's office two days after the Sun broke the news that Hispanic leaders were debating whether to form an independent grass-roots political group by the same name. Critics accused him of trying to drum up support for his business ventures -- accusations that will certainly follow him if he indeed runs for mayor. Harris and his partner, Irma Aguirre, founded Alien Tequila Spirits Co., a small tequila producer. They also own a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Tequila Party! Fuck this Tea Party, Green Party, Red Party, Blue Party shit. Tequila Party! Body shots and legislation! Salt, lime and fuck the man! Rage on you radicals! Bang. Pay attention!