Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't Grab A QB? Grab A Boobie!

Waitress accuses Haynesworth of sex assault
TheExaminer - A waitress at posh downtown D.C. hotel is claiming that she was sexually asaulted by football player Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth's agent Chad Speck told The Washington Examiner in a statement: "There seems to be no truth to these allegations and we are currently evaluating the facts and considering our own legal actions against those involved." The incident is alleged to have happened on Saturday night, just hours after Haynesworth reported to the Fairfax County police to face assault charges in a road rage incident. A D.C. police spokeswoman Tisha Gant said police are investigating a sexual assault at the W Hotel in Washington, 515 15th Street NW, but there have been no arrests or charges so she could not release the name of the accused. She said she didn't have any information about the time or where in the assault is alleged to have occured.

Haynesworth allegedly grabbeda waitress' breast while he was payimg his bill.  In related news, the Redskins are offering Haynesworth a raise for the simple fact that he grabbed something. Plus, just hours earlier he showed some aggressiveness with his little road rage incident.  Looks like Albert's gettin' the fire back!  He's gonna have a monster year in 2011!  Just sacking QB's and destroying running backs!  Look out!  He's back and he's bad!  Wait, can you be locked out and locked up at the same time?  Hmmm....