Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Naked Lady In Philly Car Crash

Naked Driver Hits Center City Pedestrian
MyFoxPhilly - Philadelphia police are on the scene at 17th and JFK Boulevard after a bizarre accident involving a pedestrian and a woman not wearing any clothes. Philadelphia police confirm the accident happened on Wednesday afternoon around 3 p.m. when the woman, who was driving a car, did a U-turn on the busy road and struck the pedestrian in front of police officers. It is unclear if the woman was naked as she drove the car, or whether she took her clothes off after the accident, and before she was apprehended by police.

Just another day in downtown Philly. Car crashes, naked women running around and upright citizens on hand to record it all while scarfing down a Cheesesteak. What did the dude in that commercial say? "There's a lotta, lotta culture here!"