Monday, February 7, 2011

Ray Allen Will Become The NBA's Greatest 3-Point Shooter This Week

Sugar Ray needs 5 three-pointers to break Reggie Miller's record for treys in an NBA career.  Pretty friggin' impressive.  Ray-Ray continues to stay in incredible shape (the man runs like a deer) and subjugate his game for the good of the team.  I saw a feature on Ray this past summer and he talked about how he ran on the road for a few miles and then went home and ran sprints on his treadmill to finish the workout.  Total freak of nature.  Reminds me of Hondo Havlicek back in the day.  "You think you can cover me?  I'll run you into the ground for 48 minutes, doughboy."  The big moment could happen Monday against the Bobcats or Thursday against the Lakers.  Do us all a favor, Ray - DO IT AGAINST THE LAKERS!  BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!  Bang.  Pay attention!