Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saudi Woman Cuts Off Husband's Penis

eitb - According to Basque newspaper DEIA, a woman in Saudi Arabia cut off her husband's penis with a knife while he slept because he was intending to marry again. The injured man was rushed to hospital following the attack, which he has managed to survive. He is now receiving treatment in a specialist unit. According to Muslim tradition, Saudi law allows men to be married to up to four wives at a time. The female assailant, who repeatedly begged her husband not to take a second wife, will now be tried according to Saudi Law. The case has raised huge debate in Saudi Arabia, a country which lives according to the edicts of Sharia Law, which dictates strict roles for men and women. It seems many of the country's men request the death penalty for their jealous wives, while a number of Saudi women hope this recent incident persuades men to think twice before choosing to taking another wife.

Why the big debate? If the law says you can have four wives, then you can have four wives. No complaining, no nagging, no castrating! Personally, I think one wife is sometimes more than enough. Honey-do lists, monthly "friends," waiting forever for them to get ready, having them ask you all the time "Does this make me look fat?", lousy driving and the list goes on. I can't imagine what this shit would be like four times over. But hey, the Mormons do it, and I guess the Arabs do, too. If you don't like the rules, change 'em! Let Ahab keep his wanker.  Bang. Pay attention!