Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't Look Now, But The Bruins Are On Fire!

Bahtendah Wisdom - Pay Attention!

Tuuka Rask pitched his second shutout of the season last night against the Ottawa Senators in a 1-0 win and the B's continued to crush this latest road trip. It's starting to look like Peter Chiarelli and the Bruin's brass not only traded for the right players but they did it at exactly the right time. There's no better way for a team to bond than on an extensive trip away from home and away from the pressures of the local fandom. A trip like this allows the players and coaches to work in a kind of neutral crucible, get a little work done and see if the old guard can bond with the new.

One of the best signs last was another big goal from Nathan Horton, a guy who started the season with a bang, dropped off for a little while, but now seems to be throwing his weight around a little and spending some more time in front of the net. His re-emergence could be a key down the stretch.

The red-hot B's are now tied for second in the East and only 5 points behind the Flyers. Tim Thomas, the best goalie on the planet this year is getting a little rest and it looks right now like the trades were a total master stroke. Gonna be a fun run when the boys start growin' their playoff beards!