Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How I Spent My Lunch Hour

On Mondays I like to pump a little iron and focus mostly my back, bi's and tri's. You know, get the lactic acid flowin' and really feel that burn. On Tuesdays, I get all jiggy with the aerobics knowing that I'm workin' on the heart and lungs as well as my calves and thighs. Maybe 20 or 25 quick miles on the treadmill. But on Wednesdays, though, the middle of the week, I like to put all of my hard training to use and just free-form it for about 45 minutes. Spins, flips, double spins, double flips, funky jumps, double funky jumps, spins and double spins again. I just kinda let my hair down and feel the freedom of my incredibly toned and athletic body. Check out my personal Wednesday liberation party. It's just so, like, liberating! Eat my dust, you fat, flabby Speakeasies!