Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Father And Son Cut Up The Dude Who Drank Their Last Beer

Fla. Father And Son Slash Man Who Drank Their "Last Beer," Say Cops

ASTOR, Fla. - Some folks can get a bit riled up when you drink their last beer. The Lake County Sheriff's Office said Jeffery Wilkerson found that out the hard way, at the Astor home of Jason Higdon Jr. and Sr. last Friday, when both men attacked him in a dispute over their last cold one. Wilkerson suffered a 10-inch slash from his back to his abdomen, deputies said. Witnesses intervened and called for help for Wilkerson, who's 46. He was flown to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona for treatment. His condition was not released, but he was well enough to give a statement to deputies. Deputies said Higdon Jr., 21, and Higdon Sr., 43, fled the scene of the attack, but were later arrested in Seminole County. Both were charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. They are each being held on $15,000 bond.

Let's just talk for a minute here about who committed the real crime. As an Irishman, an American and a beer drinker, I say the worst crime was committed by Jeffery Wilkerson. You cannot, under any circumstances, take someone's last beer. I hate to say it, but you got what you deserved Jeff. There are certain guy rules that are rock solid and unbreakable and you broke one of the biggest. What's next, sleeping with your best friend's wife?  Release the Higdon's immediately! If I were the Governor of Florida (a job that must be one of the shittiest jobs on earth) I would seriously consider pardoning these dudes. Bang. Pay attention!