Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get This Russian Dude Into Patriots Mini-Camp Immediately, If Not Sooner

Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League scour the far reaches of the planet to find potential players. Hell, the Red Sox signed some Australian softball player a couple of months ago. Soccer players are discovered all over the world and end up in the best professional leagues. It seems like every NBA team has some player from a foreign country. It's time for the NFL to follow suit. The closest I've seen recently was Stephen Neal, a wrestler the Pats drafted who never even played football in college. I'm calling on the genius, coach Belichick to be the trend-setter here. Look at this dude! He's a fucking animal. Are you telling me that some D-line or linebackers coach couldn't get ahold of him for a few months and have him eatin' quarterbacks for lunch? Step outside the box, Coach Yoda. Your legacy will only grow.