Friday, April 29, 2011

Man Drinks Himself To Death Over A $6.09 Bet

Double punch - Tanzanian drinks to death

THE TELEGRAPH - A TANZANIAN man has died after drinking 25 sachets of a potent moonshine known as "double punch", losing a six-dollar bet with his friends that he could gulp 30 down in one sitting. Moses Kanyange, 37, had been promised $6.09 by his partners during a drinking session if he could down 30 sachets of the brew, a pungent spirit imported from neighbouring Zambia. "We are still investigating the issue because more than 10 people took part, but only Moses died," Isuto Mantage, a police commander from the southwestern region of Tanzania said today. Other police sources said Kanyange was "an experienced drinker", known to be able to drink 25 half-litre bottles of beer in less than two hours, but he had already consumed too much alcohol before taking the double punch bet.

I would've given the guy at least $7.00.  Trust me, we will serve no such rotgut here at the Speakeasy.  Only the highest quality beer, wine and spirits.  Hey, that homemade stuff can kill ya!