Friday, July 15, 2011

Boston Sports Radio - 98.5 The Sports Hub Is Kicking WEEI's Ass

In Terms Of Ratings, Sports Hub Dialed In

Boston Globe - Turns out the spring wasn’t just a memorable season for the Stanley Cup champion Bruins, but also for the station that airs their games. In the spring Arbitron ratings period, 98.5 The Sports Hub, the Bruins’ flagship station since launching in August 2009 as a challenger to sports radio power WEEI (850), finished first in the market among the crucial men 25-54 demographic, earning an 8.8 share. Classic-rock station WZLX was second at 7.6. WEEI was tied for sixth (5.1). The Sports Hub was first in morning drive, afternoon drive, and evenings, with the midday program finishing second in the ratings period from March 31-June 22. The Sports Hub’s “Toucher and Rich’’ won mornings with an 11.6 share. WEEI’s “Dennis and Callahan,’’ which was first in the winter, earned a 6.0, tying for third. In afternoon drive, the other key period to advertisers, The Sports Hub’s “Felger and Massarotti’’ won the time slot with a 9.4. WEEI’s “The Big Show,’’ featuring Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley, tied for fifth with a 5.5. The Sports Hub’s “Gresh and Zo’’ finished second (9.7 share) to WZLX’s Carter Alan (10.5) in the 10 a.m.-2 p.m. slot. WEEI’s “Mut and Merloni’’ was 10th (3.8). The Sports Hub also won from 6-7 p.m. when it airs “The Baseball Reporters,’’ often against the Red Sox pregame on WEEI. The Sports Hub had a 7.9 share, while WEEI was 10th with a 4.7. In the evenings (7-midnight), The Sports Hub, which airs the “DA Show’’ and Bruins game broadcasts in this period, earned a 10.2 share, including a 14.6 in June. WEEI, which carries “Planet Mikey’’ and Red Sox games at night, finished in a three-way tied for third (6.9).

Total domination by The Sports Hub. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Here's why people have abandoned 'EEI in droves:  Jerry Callahan's ultra-conservative rants in the morning have become incredibly tiresome.  People can only take so much, and it's pretty apparent that folks are fed up with this crusty old columnist who's a little to the right of Attila the Hun.  In the mid-day spot,  Mike Mutnansky is absolutely terrible.  A minor league talent tryin' to play in the big leagues.  No personality, not funny, not insightful and Lou Merloni isn't much better.   It might be the least entertaining 4 hours on Boston radio.  This time slot has become a disaster for WEEI.   They've gone from first to tenth!  In the afternoon, Glenn Ordway still hasn't figured out that people don't like listening to a blowhard who is never wrong and constantly talks over callers and even his own co-host.  Michael Holley is being dominated like one of the Sedin Sisters.  Then, the geniuses at WEEI relegated Dale Arnold, their only true hockey expert, to part-time duty just in time for the Bruins' captivating run through the playoffs.  Stupid fucking move, Jason Wolfe.  WEEI, now faced with real competition, is looking old and broken.  You can even hear it in the callers - a bunch of retired dudes wanting to reminisce about the good old days.  Sports is about FUN and ENTERTAINMENT and the only guy who understands that at WEEI is Mike Adams - that's why his ratings remain pretty good.  Here's a suggestion - BRING IN THE BAHTENDAH!  I've got the pulse of the people, I'm hilarious and I know sports better than some of the douche bags you have on the air.  I'll shake things up over there and bring the perspective of the people you're trying to attract.  But they'll never do it - they're not smart enough.  Anyway, I think I'd rather take my talents to The Sports Hub.  Call me.  Seriously, call me.  In the meantime, wake up WEEI, the times they are a-changin'!  Pay attention!

PS - John Ryder and the Red Sox pre-Game gettin' crushed by "The Baseball Reporters?"  That's the ultimate kick in the teeth.  Ryder's gotta go....