Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Alex Morgan The Hottest Chick On The USA Women's Soccer Team?

Hottie, hottie, hottie.  I admit it - I'm totally turned by this USA women's soccer team.  In general, I could give two fucks about soccer.  I'm a baseball, football, basketball and hockey guy.  But every 4 years, when it's us against the world in the World Cup I guess my patriotism takes over a little bit.  It's the same thing with the Olympics.  There's something about rootin' for the good ol' US of A in the highest level of competition that gets the juices flowin'.  Doesn't matter if it's soccer or skiing or track or swimming - sports I wouldn't normally watch.  When national pride is at stake, I'm in.  Big time.  Let's crank it up, Alex.  Score the winning goal in the World Cup and you can crush any dick you want (including mine - call me) for the next 4 years.  USA!  USA!