Monday, July 18, 2011

Who Knew Alicia Keys Had Such Fat Legs?

Short: Alicia Keys made a fashion misjudgement when she decided to wear these unflattering denim hotpants
Stepson: Alicia enjoyed the company of her stepson Kasseem Jr as she went for a walk in SoHo, New York
Nanny state of mind: Alicia let the nanny push the pram while she held her stepson's hand
Cover up: Bashful Alicia realises her mistake and tries to hide her thighs with a brown paper bag
Sunshine fun: Alicia hides behind her shades as she looks after Kassem
Dressed down: Alicia Keys was almost unrecognisable in her day clothes and fuller figure
Sun hat: Little Kasseem donned his hat to get some shade from the summer sun

Total wank-off fantasy killer right here. I mean she's got cankles, cottage cheese thighs, calves like an offensive lineman and even though I didn't think it was possible - fat knees! Wow. I guess there's a reason she's always sittin' behind that piano.