Monday, February 14, 2011

How Come This Never Happens In My Neighborhood?

Streaker: A woman wearing nothing but a pair of specs and a handbag stripped off and ran down a busy shopping area, shocking mothers on the school run
Shock: Angry motorists during the morning rush hour honked their horns as the female streaker walked down the road in Southsea
Drivers stunned as woman strips to her spectacles and goes for naked early morning stroll through city centre
MailOnline" - A woman alarmed parents by stripping naked in a town centre and running past two schools during the morning rush hour. The 25-year-old removed her clothes outside a guitar shop and sprinted down the road wearing just a pair of glasses and carrying her handbag. Angry motorists on the school run honked their horn as the brunette startled children at 8.30am. Lollipopman Chick Fowler offered her his coat and a cup of coffee to protect her modesty and keep her warm. But the woman, who was in a distressed state, said 'No' and was soon detained by police in Southsea, Hampshire. Mr Fowler, who patrols outside Craneswater Junior School, said: 'She took her clothes off, which frightened one of the little boys. 'She was walking along and saying she wanted the police. I offered to take my coat off and for her to come down to the school but she said "No".' Builder Ricki Wake, 45, said: 'I was on my way to work on when I saw this woman leisurely strolling along with nothing but glasses and a handbag. 'She was getting a lot of angry looks and cars were tooting their horns. There were a lot of mothers on the school run saying things and they were pulling their kids' heads away so they didn't see her. 'She was heading in the direction of a school and there were a few angry comments made'...

See, that's the problem with the suburbs.  We just don't get enough naked chicks strolling down the street.  And if we did, it would be like a 45-minute show because the Police Station is miles away from the Guitar Shop.  Wait, we don't have a Guitar Shop....Somebody open up a Guitar Shop dammit!