Friday, February 18, 2011

Lady Gaga's Condom Inspired Outfit On Good Morning America - Is It Just Me Or Am I Missing The Condom Part?

Lady Gaga said her 'Good Morning America' outfit was supposed to resemble 'a latex condom.'

Okay, so I guess it's pink and it's latex.  Good start.  But where exactly is the condom part?  Like, am I crazy or shouldn't there be some kind of repository thingy on the top of her head?  I mean if you wear a leather belt is it "livestock inspired?"  If you wear a wool suit is it "lamb inspired?"  C'mon LG, we're not a nation that exactly embraces subtlety.  You wanna be a condom?  Try this:

Now we're talkin'!  Total condom look and feel to the wardrobe.  Take a little wisdom from me, the "Bahtendah Gaga."  You gotta be a little more obvious if you wanna drive home the point.  It's called gorilla marketing, girlfriend.  Smack 'em in the face and get the job done.  Pay attention!