Thursday, July 21, 2011

Amish Teenager Caught With Beer In His Buggy

SOME AMISH PLACE - An Amish teenager allegedly led police on a buggy chase after they spotted him drinking beer in the vehicle. Lewis Hostetler, 17, was seen driving the buggy while holding a can of beer on Monday at 1am by sheriff’s deputies on patrol, police said. Officers attempted to stop the buggy in Conewango, New York, but Hostetler allegedly led them on a short chase before pulling over. Hostetler has been charged with a host of offences including resisting arrest and second-degree obstructing governmental administration. He is also charged with unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage with intent to consume by a person under age 21, reported the Buffalo News. Three more charges from the incident include failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, insufficient tail lamps and littering on a highway. He was arraigned in Randolph Town Court and taken to jail on $500 bail. Hostetler will face charges in Conewango Town Court, which is more than 50 miles south of Buffalo, at a later date.

When will the senseless persecution of the Amish stop?  Lewis Hostetler needs to be freed immediately.  He probably hates the fact that he's Amish and can't do all the fun shit that all of the other kids his age are doin'.  It must tear him up seein' 17-year-olds bangin' chicks, drivin' cars, doin' drugs and guzzlin' brewdogs like the world's about to end.  All he wanted was to sip a Natty Light like the rest of the kids in the hood and now he's facin' more charges than Casey Anthony?  Shit ain't right.  Pay attention!